The TCMI Difference

We always have certified professionals on the job. That gives the client the assurance that the consultants helping him/her have gone through an exceedingly difficult certification process and are competent to handle the situation.

Project continuity is assured by having on even the smallest assignment a backup individual. That does not mean that there will be two consultants on site where that is not necessary, driving up client cost, but it does mean that in the event the lead consultant becomes incapacitated, there is someone else ready to step in without disruption to the project.

Shared expertise, which means that the members of the group discuss their cases with each other and provide additional insight, which leads to more effective results for the client. We continuously draw on each other to test solutions and bring additional expertise into the case, all without additional cost to the client.

We target our solution to the client. That means there are no canned approaches! We work side by side with the client to establish a permanent solution, which includes solving the immediate crisis and then putting competent management teams in place, either through mentoring and coaching existing personnel or through finding key competency externally if it cannot be developed in house. This includes succession planning for owners and senior executives ready to step aside.

We provide 360 degree solutions. We do not look at just one issue, such as finance, we look at the entire company. While financial solutions are often the first order of the day, long term survival requires that companies are viable, meaning they have a strategy backed up by an appropriate structure and streamlined operations. We do not provide quick financial fixes but long term solutions, which have to include operations. All members of our group have in depth operations expertise.

We assure a sound financial structure. While we are competent to steer our clients through bankruptcy procedures, we try to work with owners and creditors to avoid that costly step and find solutions that assures creditors are satisfied and ownership keeps control of the company.

Where appropriate we can guide our clients through merger or acquisition processes and, through our extensive network, often establish contact with potential buyers. We are not brokers interested in a quick sale of a company. We have the interests of ownership in mind and advise merger or acquisition only if it matches the objectives of our client AND the situation makes this an attractive option.

We are interested in the long term health of our clients, which means we not only assume the role of interim CRO or CEO but continue our involvement through service on advisory committees or company boards if desired. This assures long term success through continuous supervision and advice.

Our fees are competitive. We work within the financial capacity of our clients. Under certain circumstances we are willing to defer a sizeable portion of our fees in order to minimize a drain on the cash position of the client. This means that effectively we share in the risk of our client.

TCMI maintains close relationships with the banking industry. Lenders trust our competency and judgment, which often allows us to negotiate extension of critical deadlines or additional concessions, which in turns allows us to put solutions in place that allow the survival of the company.

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