Situation Analysis

Fundamental to any renewal or turnaround is the situation analysis. It is this exercise that will determine the best course of action to maximize stakeholder value.

Successful completion of this task is crucial, improper or incomplete execution will lead to a plan which is fundamentally flawed. For stakeholders catastrophe will result as time and other resources will not be available for a second attempt.

An assessment must be done objectively in a very difficult operating environment. Often troubled companies have dysfunctional management information systems, are losing money on operations and are facing serious threats from suppliers, creditors and employees.

Guided by a Certified Turnaround Professional the seasoned executives of TCMI approach situational analysis engagements guided by their financial acumen and decades of operating experience.

They approach complex financial and operational problems with objectivity reviewing the business with intense scrutiny. Our staff are accustomed to dealing with radical time pressures and multiple crisis- able to deliver an accurate analysis quickly under adverse conditions.

Ultimately company management, the board of directors and as needed the capital providers receive a true, unbiased picture of where the business stands and what actions will maximize value.

Our services include:

  • An objective and accurate assessment of financial performance
  • Threats and opportunities in the market space
  • Management assessment
  • Evaluation of technological capability
  • A determination of the core business from a performance point of view
  • Review of domestic and foreign assets in light underlying asset value
  • Liquidity evaluations
  • Review of current business plan and financial projections
  • Review of existing threats from all constituents
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